Wireless, microwave communications services

A microwave signal can be the more practical and economical solution to a wired signal, and is often the preferred solution in hard to reach areas and those underserved by traditional services. Whether for internet connectivity, voice, video or data communications, MerIT can plan, design, install and commission a wireless, microwave network for your business. We excel at building microwave systems across rough terrain for businesses with sensitive security needs. We are your one-stop solution.
  • Expert in microwave links including SDH and PDH
  • Fully engineered solution from planning and design (network architecture, capacity, hardware redundancy, performance reliability) through implementation, testing, project management, execution and maintenance
  • Create systems that are less prone to damage or impairment
  • Offer single-point installation and convenient maintenance
  • Associated with leading vendors such as Nera, SAF, DragonWave and more

A solution for your microwave application

  • Microwave systems —licensed or unlicensed
  • Wireless LAN
  • Surveillance and access control system
  • Mesh networks
  • Mobile data systems
  • Cellular backhaul
  • Voice, Video and Data

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