Managed IT

Your IT network is your business’s central nervous system, ideally enabling the smooth and constant flow of vital information.   Businesses in the Sedona, Cottonwood, Verde Valley, Prescott and Phoenix Arizona areas benefit from MerIT’s comprehensive, accurate and on-budget managed IT services. 

Network installation and management services

We can design and build a local or wide-area network (LAN or WAN) that matches your immediate and long-range business goals. We:
  • Listen to your needs
  • Implement reliable IT infrastructure that can grow as you grow
  • Use only leading network components
  • Install all software
  • Test the system
  • Offer employee  training as needed
  Once implemented, we can manage your network for optimal performance with remote and on-site service, providing technical support, repair services, systems monitoring and hardware/software updates.  The result: your network experiences maximum uptime and security, management costs are predictable, your environment is secure, and you save valuable time.

Email management services

Unprotected email leaves the door open to viruses and other malware. Spam clutters inboxes everywhere. Through our email services, you can close the door to threats and junk. And, we provide other services to enhance email functionality and usefulness, such as remote email access, intelligent routing and email attachment filtering. 

Disaster recovery services

Who knows the true cost to your business if you lose your data? Fortunately, accidently deleted files, system glitches, virus intrusion, hard drive crashes or other problems often do not spell the end of your data. Our comprehensive disaster recovery service enables you to recover and restore your files—and keep your business up and running.

Remote workforce services

On the road? At home? On the other side of the globe? If your workforce needs secure, seamless access to your network wherever they are, we have the solution.  Leveraging technologies like dialup remote access, remote control and virtual private networks, we can connect your remote users as if they were in the office. Our solutions support the mobility and productivity of your organization.

Network security management

New, ever-more complex threats to your network emerge constantly. MerIT can watch over your network 24/7 to repel threats from hackers, viruses, spyware, and system clogging spam.   We provide security for email and web by installing and automatically updating software, monitoring your system remotely, and providing you with reports of all attack incidents. And if someone or something does penetrate the defenses, we can launch a forensic investigation, locate the problem and fix it quickly.

Service desk

We’re your 24/7 expert tech support solution via phone or email. In our experience, most problems can be fixed without the need for a site visit. If not…

Onsite support 

If a remote fix is not possible, a MerIT technician will come to you to resolve problems with your network, servers, computers, printers, software or other components. We’re quick to respond and quick to solve even complex IT problems.

Server upgrade and migration services

At the heart of your network, we keep your server operating at its best with full hardware and software upgrade and migration services. We plan fully and implement carefully, including complete system backups to minimize potential data loss and down time. We’re expert at any level of upgrade or migration.

HIPPA compliance services

Through our HIPPA compliance services, we help health care providers protect their patients’ information and be in compliance with the privacy rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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